Monday, November 9, 2009

Today's Nanowrimo Gathering Build-a-Bear Party

I'm very sleepy but I want to try out this write or die program that I learned about at the Nanowrimo meeting. One of the authors is a knitter. I invited her to get together with me to do some knitting. Then I found out her friend knits as well.
I met a kid there named Andy. He was working at Downtown Disney as one of the cleaning staff slash information guy on a scholarship program. He's from Bakersfield. Of course I advised him to move out of Bakersfield because it's hot and ugly there. I knew that because I went to 5th and 6th grades there.

After the bear part I went to Michael's. I needed beads for the green beaded collar I'm making called the River Runs Through it. I needed some root beer colored beads for the brown/gold section of the necklace. I spent more than I wanted to. When do I ever spend less at Michaels?

Today I had lunch at Carl's Jr. As I stepped out of the truck I managed to knock my glasses off and step on them with my first step out of the truck. They didn't break apart, but they bent beyond comfortable wear. Good thing they were only a dollar. I'm so hard on glasses. I don't dare buy any real ones that cost $500 or $600. I'd lose them in a week or scratch them or run over them with my truck.

Tomorrow night is another Nanowrimo meeting. This time at a Starbuck's closer to my house than Downtown Disney. I plan to go to it but we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I was too busy celebrating being in Nanowrimo today that I didn't even get a chance to write much. I wrote a few pages in long hand at Downtown Disney. But I haven't had time to type it in yet so I don't know how many words that was. Not very many probably because my handwriting is big.

I watched an art show tonight and then I saw a show with fashion designer Marilyn Lewis. She's a great lady. Funny and talented and a real go-getter. I have seen her before on other shows talking about the restaurants her and her husband used to own. The show tonight showed many of her collection of fashion from the 70's. Even the dress Marlo Thomas wore on That Girl. Interesting stuff. Her looks could still fit into fashion today. They don't look dated at all. I'd be proud to own any one of them. She has some great little black dresses as well as dresses in silk and tweed. And little feather fascinators. She'd fit right in with Etsy and Steampunk.

She lives in a penthouse with her hubby of many years. She rents the rest of her Beverly Hills home. Compared to her I feel like a couch potato. And she's so rail thin. She compared herself to Twiggy.

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