Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Wild Train

I found one of the keys to managing my anxiety is to live in the present. The minute I start worrying about the future my mind is like a runaway train. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment. When I get there at 10 AM then I will deal with it. Today and right now I have other things to do. Like update my blogs. And take photos of the watercolors I did last night while I still have good light outdoors.

This morning we got my truck running again. Is it possible that all it needed was a new battery? I sure hope so because even that cost me almost $100. (Battery, terminals, etc.). We also replaced the fuel filter. But at least the truck is out of the driveway. So it was the action (not the worrying) about the truck that got rid of that particular anxiety. I think that is part of the curse of poverty. Instead of fixing things in a timely manner, it's too easy to just sit and worry about them as you wait another month for another payment of some sort to arrive. I truly believe that action dispels fear. Doing something is almost always better than sitting in a funk and worrying.

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